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Beyond The Ink

This year I was able to travel to a couple of conventions where Kris Richter was in attendance giving her seminars and running her booth for “Beyond The Ink.” Beyond The Ink is a traveling company headed by Kris to inform the general public about not only great tattoos and artists, but the process that goes behind receiving a great tattoo, cleanliness, proper tattoo etiquette, and etc.

Unfortunately, we are in a world where there are literally too many bad tattoos. Kris and Beyond The Ink are trying to make a foggy glass become clear for the tattoo world. Often times, the issues surrounding these bad tattoos are that the general public has no idea what goes into making a great tattoo. A lot of people think that price is a determining factor, that any artist can do any type of tattoo, or that it is okay for their brothers’ coworkers’ uncles’ best friend to tattoo them in their garage in trade for beer. We have all seen bad tattoos, and have heard many horror stories about them, but what is the main cause of this? Kris is educating everyone on what to look for when seeking out a tattoo artist. Strong portfolios, shop cleanliness, communication, waiting for the perfect artist, respect, trust in your artist, placement issues, and artistic freedom are what make a great tattoo.

If you are a tattoo collector, or a tattoo artist then I suggest checking out Beyond the Ink. Kris is traveling year round to tattoo conventions and tattoo shops presenting her seminar and is probably coming to a city near you. For information on travel information, then please check out her website at:

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