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Ink n Iron was a blast!

I just got back from Ink N’ Iron and as usual, it was a blast. I shared my booth with Chad Newsom of Tattoo Station in Milan, TN. He’s a great friend and an awesome tattoo artist. We got to do a ton of awesome tattoos, and meet so many awesome people. I finally got to meet Jinxi from Out Of Step Books, and was able to personally give her my submission for her upcoming books “Antennae of Inspiration” and give her the original artwork, framed and ready to hang! We spent a few nights giving self guided ghost tours aboard the beautiful Queen Mary with great friends! That ship is most certainly haunted!

The week before Ink N Iron, Sara and I spent the week at the happiest place on earth, Disney Land, as well as Califiornia Adventure. It was her first time, so it was pretty magical for her!

I always love visiting California, and we seem to find ourselves down there at least once a year. Hopefully I’ll see everyone next year at Ink N Iron 2014!!

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