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Michale Graves Gets Tattooed By Travis Broyles

This past April I had the pleasure of tattooing long time friend Michale Graves. You may know him as the ex singer of the legendary Misfits, as well as the vocalist for Gotham Rd., Graves, and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg (also featuring Marky Ramone of The Ramones) among others. I have tattooed Michale quite a few times over the years. This time I was able to film the entire tattoo and put together a time lapse video of the tattoo. Check out the video below, or visit youtube to check it out.

Michale has a new album out and is currently touring the world in support of this album. The album is entitled “Vagabond” and is available worldwide. You can order it online via Hydraulic Entertainment Thank you to Michale (love ya man!), and the rest of his crew for being patient while he received his tattoo. Thanks for lookin!

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