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Tattoo Revolution Magazine

Tattoo Revolution Magazine - Uk Tattoo Magazine - Travis Broyles FeaturedNeil from Tattoo Revolution magazinejust notified me that I am in the December issue (issue 25) of Tattoo Revolution Magazine!

Two of my tattoos are featured in the “gallery” areas of the magazine. I am honored to not only be a part of such a great magazine, but my tattoos are next to two of my favorite tattooers – Jeremy Miller and Teresa Sharpe. Also in this issue is a fantastic feature on tattoo artist and painter, Carlos Lopez. I met Carlos while at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering this past September. We were stuck in an airport together for a few hours, and in the short time he inspired me to pick up oil painting again.

Tattoo Revolution Magazine
is based out of the United Kingdom, and is now completely free! All issues are available digitally for free, and back issues are still available for purchase. Thanks so much to everyone at Tattoo Revolution for not only being so kind to me over the past few months, but for featuring my tattoos upon your amazing magazine! I really appreciate it!

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