Getting an appointment for your next tattoo by Travis Broyles is very simple.

You can always stop by his shop (Unknown Tattoo Co.) for a consultation for immediate results, or you can email him at: and we can get the process started.

When emailing Travis, please be as specific as possible about the tattoo you wish to receive from him. Some things to include would be placement, size, color or black and grey and the style you are looking for (traditional, realism, etc.) Please be as descriptive as you can, and also please include some reference pictures if at all possible along with your name, phone number, and your desired time frame to be tattooed.

If you are looking to be tattooed at a convention that Travis is attending, then please include that information as well! Travis tattoos at over twenty five tattoo conventions per year, all over the world,  and often books up all of his appointments before the conventions. It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with him prior to the convention, rather than trying to do a walk up. Thanks!!

You can also contact Travis on facebook, or call the shop at 425.322-5630 to schedule a consultation as well. Travis does not take appointments over the phone, and all appointments require a deposit, which will go towards the price of your tattoo.

Unknown Tattoo Co.
715 1st St.
Snohomish, Washington 98290